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Interplast manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to the very highest specifications, for use in water supply, heating and sewerage systems and covering a broad range of applications in the areas of house construction, technical projects and industrial facilities. The company aims to design, develop and market products and integrated solutions that cover the needs of modern construction and improve quality of life, by building a relationship of trust between the technical world and the consumer public.

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FireFighter pipes and fittings
Cross Linked Polyethylene Pipe - Como Pex Oxygen Barrier
Υδραυλικός Διαχωριστής - Τυπος 1 (4/2)
Hydraulic Separator - Type 1 (4/2)
Σωλήνες Aqua-plus PRINS προμονωμένος
Pre Insulated Pipe Aqua-plus PRINS
Geo-Flex PE pipe for Geothermy
Geo-Flex PE pipe for Geothermy with probe
Solar System for DHW Green line Atlas
Solar System for DHW Green line Atlas 500 (3 συλ.)
Dry screed board
Fiber Board

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Large scale and modern projects trusted Interplast's products for their facilities in plumbing, heating, cooling, and sewage systems.