Quality Assurance during Production

Our first concern and our main commitment is to ensure the absolute quality. Much of our effort has been focused in this area. The mechanical equipment which produced pipes and fittings ensures the quality in absolute extent. Apart from the usual mechanical equipment required for the production of pipes of Interplast production lines are equipped with the following equipment generated the consumer confidence that is at the disposal of highly quality products.

In this way we achieve stabilization of data Extruder for raw materials that easily absorb moisture. So avoid phenomena of dimensional change observed in several tubes.

In this way we achieve deviation accuracy of merging materials within ± 0,01%. Raw materials such as PEX, is very important the proportion of additives is responsible for networking to be accurate. If the ratio is not completely accurate, then the tube is degraded mechanical strength or becomes hard during use of the thermo hydraulic.

Thus we achieve a stable weight per meter in the produced pipe , which means and fixed dimensions. Is the first part of ensuring stable dimensions of tubes.

System in which we define the desired limits of wall thickness and are automatically configured via the drawing of the production line. It is the second part of ensuring stable dimensions of tubes.

It is the third and last part of electronic checks. The absolute values of laser scaner ensure the proper application of parts (plastic and brass fittings) into their respective tubes.​