Floor Trap

The Interplast floor drain is manufactured with 50 and 63 mm outlets that can be converted to 75 mm by means of a special reducing sleeve.

It bears a standard independent floater mechanism, preventing overflow of effluents or foam.

The body of the drain is made of PVC, while the remaining parts are polypropylene. As such, it is considered suitable for connection with all types of drainage pipes. 

It has 4 inlets with an inner diameter of 1.57in bearing a coupling and watertight flange. 

Capacity is 1.9 litres for the 50 mm outlet and 2.4 litres for the 63 mm outlet drain. 

The drain comes with a height-adjustable extension and 3 types of strainer: plastic, stainless steel and brass. 


50mm Floor Drain

63/75mm Floor Drain2,4ltΦ63/75112mm210mm144mm18mm


Interplast’s bathroom floor drain can be connected to PP-H Atlas Plus pipes (elastic ring connection) or Unisol PVC pipes (connection with glue).