Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is achieved with advanced mechanical equipment that produces the Unisol, Nova-Plus and Air-Sol pipes and fittings, and the quality of the raw materials, always in combination with ongoing and stringent checks during and after production. 

Interplast production lines, apart from the usual mechanical equipment used to produce PVC pipes, are supplied with the following additional equipment assuring an absolute degree of quality and ensuring that the consumer receives a final product of the highest quality. 

The exact chemical composition of the PVC pipes is crucial for the performance of the desirable physical and mechanical properties they are required to possess. For example, if the percentage of calcium carbonate exceeds certain limits, the pipe becomes very hard and brittle, while if it falls under these limits it becomes too soft. This translates in a demand for an accurate feed of the individual materials into the extrusion machine, where the pipes are manufactured, something which means a demand for accurate gravimetry of materials at the order of +/- 1%, and the suitable preparation of the materials before processing. 

In order to achieve this target, Interplast implements an electronic gravimetry system and automatic feed of the mixer, where the PVC, calcium carbonate (filler-lubricant), stabilizers and the color are placed. The mixture is stirred at 110oC is order to achieve the appropriate drying and homogenization and it is then taken and left for 2h at the supply silos in order to prepare it for its further extrusion. It is stressed that the faithful observance of the above process is a crucial factor for the pipe’s quality.

The special magnet array at the power supplies of extruders ensures protection from iron-magnetic foreign materials.

Alongside the use of the above equipment to ensure proper geometry of the pipes, which equipment is a prerequisite for the production of quality pipes and fittings for drainage applications, by Interplast implements the following are also crucial elements for the added assurance of high standards of the pipes.

Its special design for the production of sewage pipes and fittings made of polyvinylchloride in combination with the leading quality of the raw materials ensures that the pipe material has homogenized perfectly. This way we achieve its high mechanical strengths and its practically unlimited lifespan.

This connectivity tests at regular intervals to those responsible for the production.

The outer diameters, wall thickness and oval of the pipes are constantly monitored with calibrated instruments, in order to avoid any potential failure. The specimens being measured are rechecked by the laboratory and after the completion of successful results, order is issued to release the products in the market.