Solar Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

Interplast is one step ahead in solar assist of under floor heating and offers a complete package for the use of solar energy for heating spaces!

With Interplast Green Line system easily achieve the low temperatures required for the operation of under floor heating. The logic of the system is based on the fact that the returned waters of under floor heating should be reinvigorated by approximately 5oC and only up to 45oC. By using selective solar collectors, a storage hot water and appropriate control system automation, this will be achieved by a clean and inexhaustible energy source, the sun, thus providing significant additional savings.

The most important advantages that one can enjoy by installing solar underfloor heating system is

The solar system assist of under floor heating system is installed and dimensioned to give us hot water not only in summer but also in winter. In this way even the coldest days with little sunshine can power the heating system with hot water, saving energy.

If the water that exists in the solar system has a lower temperature than you want, you can set it to stop the water flow until it reaches a temperature setpoint

The solar heating system includes all those provisions which are essential for automation of operation.

You need only a periodic inspection.