Geothermics - Materials

GEO-Flex pipe, a polyethylene pipe in cross-sections of 25mm (for horizontal geo-exchanger) and 32mm with welded nozzle (for vertical geo-exchanger). 

Self-welded nozzle, where the four 32mm GEO-Flex pipes are welded and they are installed in each borehole of the vertical geothermal system. 

Polypropylene manifolds, pairs of manifolds (flow - return) from random polypropylene are installed for the horizontal geo-exchanger. The manifold body has a 63mm cross-section and 25mm supply saddles. The paths depend on the circuits we shall install in the subsoil. They also have an installed deaerator and an extra valve for filling the geo-exchanger. 

Weight for installing vertical geo-exchanger, which is attached to the nozzle and helps install the pipes in the borehole. 

Spacer for vertical circuit pipes, which is placed on the group of the four pipes installed in each borehole and keeps them at a fixed distance.