Geothermal Systems

The needs of your house, its surface, the surrounding area and its geologic character specify the form and the selection of your geo-exchanger. 

According to the above, the following geothermal systems are available: 

Horizontal system, which circulates a mixture of water-glycol and which is installed at a low depth (closed circuit), where there are no temperature changes due to weather conditions, covering a surface two times as large as the square meters we want to heat. 

Vertical system, which is placed at a greater depth (closed circuit) and when the exterior space is not sufficient for creating a horizontal network. In this case pipe pairs are installed, and they are inserted inside 60-100 meter boreholes in order to capture the energy required to operate the heating and cooling systems. 

Open system, which utilizes the temperature of underground waters by pumping water and returning it into the same watertable.