Underfloor Heating

Table of Distribution

The collector is the “heart of” installation. Interplast via her affiliated company ELVIOM which has experience above 50 years in the manufacture of brass fittings, it produces collector for the floor heating, that guarantees the required flows for the circuits and the perfect balancing of system.

The collector of adduction brings alen or flowmeters for the regulations of benefits of circuits, while the collector of return allocates valves of electrothermal engines providing the possibility of placement of electrothermal engines (actuators), which are, with command of thermostats of each space, allow the autonomic operation of corresponding circuits of each space.

For the perfect regulation of system of heating are used the special breasts of adduction and return in which are adapted thermometers. It is regulated in height up to the 815 mm. It has adjustable detachable frame for protection from the plaster, which shapes the depth of table from 115 until 165 mm

For better aesthetic result in the placement of group of collectors is disposed table metal, suitable for enwalling, manufactured from galbanize sheet-metal of thickness 1mm and painted with electrostatics dye.