Underfloor Heating

Cooling - Operation

When we were reported in the cooling significance , we mean that we convert the flooring of each space in a enormous cold surface. The cooling floor it constitutes a functional system that offers comfort absorbing uniformly the heat from the all directions.

Source of Energy the pump of heat of air-water, that the summertime absorbs the heat of residence, via the floor heating circuit and him removes in the environment.

The winter the process is reversed, by bringing hot water in the pipes floor heating, with the use of energy that exists in the environment.

The temperature of water adduction in the floor system cooling is 14-18ºC, while the temperature of flooring ranges in 20-22ºC, having ensures in the internal space lower temperature 5-7ºC.

Cooling - Advantages

Comfort and healthy environment, without noise and currents of air with uniform distribution of temperature in the space, giving the sense of “cave”.

Big saving of energy, exploitation of big cooling surface, higher temperatures of water of adduction, reduction of losses by the flooring.

Absolute freedom in the configuration of spaces, they do not exist no form obstacles in our space.

Clean spaces, without unsightly or unnecessary volumes, without tans in the walls.

Economy, using him existing network of pipings of floor heating, we achieve more economic operation with the use of pump of heat instead of the common boiler.