Underfloor Heating

Floor Laying

The Interplast, with years of experience in producing plastic pipes, pipe produces Como - floor F17 x 2.0 for use in underfloor heating in accordance with all European standards and is certified by the largest European and American institutes.

The tube Como - floor produced by cross-linked polyethylene suitable for high temperatures that exceed the temperature requirements of underfloor heating and testator barring oxygen to protected the metal parts of the installation. It is highly flexible, facilitating installation during the fitting circuit.

The installation of pipes made in panels of expanded polystyrene with vapor barrier and a special configuration on the surface (plugs). The plate provides insulation, soundproofing and liquid protection against the cement coating and ensures the perfect tube support and the coverage from cement coating. The dimensions of piece are 1350 x 750 mm2kai the total amount (cap + base) is 4,5cm.

Perimeter between plate and masonry is placed perimeter strip from polyethylene foam 8mm thick and height 150mm. Bears nylon film at the lowest part of the front view and special adhesive mounting tape on the reverse.

At predetermined points defined by the study as well the baseboards from the interior doors, placement joint expansion serving the expansion and contraction of the heated floor.