Underfloor Heating

Pumping Station- Boiler room

Throughout the winter season and for maximum fuel economy, by Interplast propose two gradients temperature adduction regulating from the boiler towards the underfloor heating.

By using the central four-way mixing valve, carry out the first adjusting of water that feeding the boiler, of around 50ºC. simultaneously achieved and the protect of boiler from returnable waters low-temperature.

After the four-way ,is placed three-way mixing valve in the central adduction line each group of collectors, by adjusting in second degree and different for each collector the flow temperature in the floor

In each three-way mixing valve is possible to install electric engine with presets in temperature. With the help of a sensor define the desired adduction temperature in the collector of the underfloor and the time at which they will be given the mandate to the electric motor to regulate.

For system security, we place hydrostat contact which controls the adduction temperature and interrupts the circulator of heating. In case the adduction temperature exceeds the maximum desired setting.

For the central columns by Interplast has the tube Aqua - plus aluminium or pipe Aqua Plus with fibreglass. With all the advantages of the pipe PP-r and additionally the limitation the linear expansion due to the sheet aluminium or the glass fiber . With the comprehensive range of fittings (tees, elbows etc.). Ensure for simplicity of installation and elegant final result.