Dry screed high efficiency underfloor heating system


Well began is half done. 

For Interplast, designing extremely composite heating and cooling systems has a special value. Correct calculations guarantee the combination of the best efficiency and economic operation. The system's design differs according the location, the thermal insulation, the possible special requirements and the property's geometry. 

The energy applications department is staffed by specialized Mechanical Engineers with a long year experience. The continuous updating and training according to the last technologies and materials gives the required background of the department's human staff, making them ideal to handle any requirements coming from an engineer or installer. 

Interplast by using edge technology is equipped with an advanced design software for the new dry screed system, which results are extremely accurate. The software features a special processing core which imprints in the floor plan the exact gypsum fiberboard layout and the hydraulic circuits independently. In this way, without needing numerous measurements and calculations, the installation is easier and the possibility of mistake is eliminated, decreasing dramatically, at the same time, the installation time. 

Our company is organizing educational seminars and training for professionals. Also, in special cases an engineer of the company can visit the construction site in order to provide directions and advise for the new system's application. The customer is informed with a pre-estimation of the project's cost according to his request and the details given. After the project assignment a detailed study is carried out by our Energy & Technical support dpt.. This study is sent to the installer together with the products. 

Thermal efficiency table for the dry screed under-floor heating system 

The data of the thermal efficiency were calculated with arithmetic simulation according to EN15377. Thermal flow density and temperature limits are according to EN 1264.