Dry screed high efficiency underfloor heating system


When referring to the concept of cooling, we mean that we turn the floor of each space into an immense cool surface. The flooring cooling is an operating system that offers comfort uniformly absorbing heat from all directions

Energy source, the heat pump, air - water, which in summer absorbs the heat of the house, through the floor-heating circuit and eliminates the environment.

In winter, the process is reversed by bringing hot water in the pipes of the under-floor heating using the energy present in the environment.

The temperature of water adduction in under-floor cooling system is 14-18ºC, while the floor temperature is at 20-22ºC, having secured the interior lower temperature 5-7ºC.


Comfort and healthy environment without noise and drafts air with uniform temperature distribution in the space, giving the impression of "cave".

High energy savings, exploitation of large cooling surface, higher leaving water temperatures adduction, reduced losses from the floor.

Absolute freedom in the layout of workplaces, there are no barriers of any kind on our space.

Clean spaces without unsightly or unnecessary volumes without tans in walls.

Economy using the existing piping network of under-floor heating, we achieve economical operation using heat pump instead of the common boiler.