Dry screed high efficiency underfloor heating system

Autonomy Areas

The under-floor heating system enables to control the temperature of each room independently, as best serves our needs!

For the integrated control are necessary:

  • The thermostat, which reacts to temperature changes with an accuracy of 0,1 ° C and thereby achieve the desired room temperature
  • Thermal motors (actuators) that communicate via the hub with the corresponding thermostat and open or close circuits of under-floor heating.
  • We can connect up to four thermal motors (actuators) with a thermostat space. In this way we achieve autonomy in all areas of a house, so economical operation and the possibility of different temperature selection per heated room.
  • The communication basis - distributor who takes command of thermostats space and relays to the thermal motors (actuators) to manifolds to open and close the circuits according to the desired temperature in each space.
  • Actuator pump which starts or stops the heating circulator with the required time delay when the thermostats give start command or termination of heating to electrothermal engines.
  • A smart and flexible solution where we want to place retrospectively separate thermostats to control the desired temperature per space, without having to install communication cables is the system of wireless thermostats. The space thermostats operate as transmitters and the base as receiver, giving commands to the thermal engines collector to open and close the circuits without using cables.
  • To automate the operation control of under-floor heating is available compensation systems. The compensation recognizes the ambient temperature with a sensor and acts on the three-way mixing valve and pump heating. This prevents the inertia of the system according to the environmental temperature changes, achieving economical operation of heating.