Quality Assurance During The Production

Always aiming at ensuring top quality, Interplast production lines, apart from the usual mechanical equipment used to produce Pex pipes, are supplied with the following additional equipment assuring an absolute degree of quality and ensuring that the consumer receives an integrated system of the highest quality.

In this way the intake of the Extruder is stabilized for raw materials that easily absorb humidity, thus eliminating the problem of altered dimensions which is quite a frequent phenomenon in several pipes of the competition.

In this way we can achieve a materials mix divergence in the order of ±0.01%. In raw materials such as Pex it is very important to have an accurate cross-linking additive proportion. If the proportion is not totally accurate the pipe loses strength or becomes harder

Thus we achieve steady weight per meter in the manufactured pipe, which renders the maintenance of steady dimensions necessary. This is the first part of checking the pipe’s dimensions.

A system where the desired limits of the pipe’s wall thickness are automatically regulated by means of the extruder. This is the second part of ensuring and observing the pipe’s dimensions and results in a proper fit of the nozzle of the brass fitting to the pipe.

This is the third and final part of electronic testing. The accurate measurements of the LASER SCANNER ensure proper fitting of the nut to the plastic pipe.

In addition to all the above, the following aspects provide a guarantee for top quality in the production of plumbing and heating pipes:

Specially designed for Pex pipes, in order to prevent undesirable phenomena of failure in the homogenization of material and additives.

In this way we guarantee proper fit between components of our own manufacture.

The outer diameter is checked by means of a strap gauge, wall thickness and oval of pipe by means of an electronic thickness gauge.

The measurements are entered daily in the ISO reports after the end of the laboratory testing. After the results are evaluated the order is given for distribution.

Quality Assurance of the products

The production of brass fittings by ELVIOM uses materials in compliance to European standards 12164, 12165, 12167 and 12168, as well the German standard DIN 50930/6 which specifies the brass constituents for suitability to drinking water.

The threading on the fittings is constructed according to ISO 228, a standard specifying final dimensions.

ELVIOM is certified to ISO 9001 by TÜV Germany and its products are distributed to the market having passed the following tests.

By means of a special projector, where the thickness of the walls and threading is checked.

Raw materials and final product are checked by a latest generation electronic durometer.

Tests are carried out under pressure 6 bar (950C) at the company’s laboratories.

The raw materials used by the company have undergone thermal processing (annealing). The fittings with female threading are subjected to thermal processing for a second time, remaining in an annealing furnace after production for 1 hour at 350°C. Thus processing stresses are eliminated and durability of the products is increased.

Strength test for torque by means of special torque wrench.

Regular testing in terms of alloy structure (metallography), by means of a mass spectrograph, as to their chemical composition, and a mercury nitrate test for remaining stresses.

Throughout production the threads, holes and dimensions are checked by means of special standards and spirometers. This results in retaining the correct tolerances in the threading.