Como-pex pipes meet and exceed the specifications set by European Standards: the internationally accepted German DIN, Spanish UNE and British BS standards. As a result Como-pex does not present so much as a single failure in the regular biannual tests carried out by official institutes on random samples from production and the warehouse.

The outcome of all the above is that Como-pex has been certified as a final product by the following organizations:

For compliance with all international specifications pertaining to Como-pex.

Checking of pipe dimensions, measuring degree of cross-linking, microscopic homogeneity check, testing under pressure at various temperatures and checking linear expansion

This regards a measurement that should comply with DIN 4726.

This comprises tests at 20° C and 85° C for taste, odour, development of microorganisms, extraction of substances and metals dangerous for public health (cadmium, arsenic etc.).

The pipes are also checked by ELOT (Hellenic Organisation for Standardization) under pressure at 110°C in long-term tests and by the State General Laboratory for suitability for drinking water.