The exceptional performance of cross-linked polyethylene pipes at high temperatures reaching 110°C and high pressure up to 24 bar, a lifespan of at least 50 years, their widespread use over the past 35 years and the following properties, have made them the most popular pipes for heating systems all over the world.

Como-pex pipes have been designed for a lifespan of over 50 years, at temperatures up to 95°C and 6 to 10 bar operating pressure. Temperature peaks of 110°C at 4 bar operating pressure do not affect Como-pex pipes.

Due to their cross-linked structure, Como-pex pipes have thermal memory enabling them to return to their original shape, i.e. the internal structure of the material “remembers’ the shape it was given at production.

The material is resistant to most chemical substances, even at high temperatures. Chemical substances that usually cause alteration or bursting of ordinary plastic pipes do not affect Como-pex.

Como-pex pipes are exceptionally resistant to corrosion, even in areas with very hard water, remaining unaltered over the course of time. In contrast to metal pipes, they do not present any signs of electrochemical corrosion. Moreover, high water velocity does not cause corrosion

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes display exceptionally high mechanical strength and impact strength. For example, they can be used as a protective coating on rolling bearings used to transport very sharp items in hard-metal industrial plants.

The structure of the material and the smooth texture of the surface ensure low friction losses resulting in low resistance and low pressure drop in the piping. This renders the installation more economical, as smaller cross-section pipes and lower wattage pumps can be used for the same quantity of water. On the contrary, friction and corrosion are a problem for metal pipes. This is why plastic pipe networks are considered networks with regular flow.

Como-pex is free of toxic substances. Sanitary and toxicological analyses have been carried out to ensure approval for drinking water. The pipes are regularly tested by official institutes (General Chemical State Laboratory,  WRAS-NSF Great Britain) for taste, odour, development of microorganisms, extraction of substances and metals dangerous for public health (cadmium, arsenic etc.).

The Como-pex plumbing system operates noise-free. The pipes display noise insulation for water flow velocities of up to 1m/sec, in contrast to metal pipes.

Como-pex pipes are regularly tested by official institutes for mechanical strengths and suitability (SKZ Germany,  AENOR Spain,ELOT Greece ) and for drinking water ( WRAS Great Britain,  State General Laboratory). Como-pex pipes with oxygen barrier are further tested against oxygen diffusion by MPA NRW Germany.

Interplast offers a guarantee for a period of 30 years covered by the insurance company ALLIANZ against damages owing to faulty pipe production at the amount of €500,000 per incident and up to 3,000,000 € per year.