Hydraulic separator (No Patented: 20120100649)

The concept of hydraulic separation

The meaning and purpose of the hydraulic separator is creation hydraulic balancing supply and conservation benefits of different sources and disciplines.


Working principle

The hydraulic separation collectors simulate a hydraulic reservoir of infinite length and heat capacity, which is not affected hydraulic and thermally from outgoing or incoming currents and fluid masses.


Benefits - advantages

The hydraulic separation collector achieves significant savings and the rational use of thermal and electricity. Also achieves optimal operation without increased cost.


Areas of application

In all system of heating, cooling, air conditioning.

• Use branch autonomy.

• Parallelism more than one energy source (boiler - heat pump) etc.

• Significant cost reduction consumption & operating equipment.


Dimensioning – Option

The appropriate dimension calibers central pipe and smaller pipe-making should satisfy certain condition-speed fluid delivery. The administrator can operate as both a degasser and a particle filter in the bottom. Excessive speeds, exceeding the limits in maximum load conditions cancel its additional functions.


The maximum permissible water speed limits are:

Central tube (max 0,2m/s), sectors (max 1,2 m/s).