Pipe Como floor Oxygen barrier

Flexible Pipe Φ 17x2,0 or Φ 16x2,0 suitable for high temperatures, with oxygen barrier to protect the metal parts of the installation. It is manufactured according to all European specifications and is certified by the largest European and American institutes.

Pipes containing a special developed additive with doubles the thermal conductivity of the pipes. This nee pipe is a result of three years of research along Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from whose report we are presenting some of technical details of our pipes and results occurred from their use: 

  • Mechanical strength of the pipes increase compared to the typical
  • Increasing of flexibility rate about 10%.
  • Strain increase in the outflow point by10%.
  • Optimal material homogenization.
  • Inertia phenomenon decrease during the starting of the system.
  • More economic system operation due to the double thermal conductivity of the pipes 

30 Years Quarantee