Manifolds ​Basic Features :

  • A bar type manifold of nickel plated brass. Nominal diameter 1’’ and 1 ¼’’ with ¾’’ threading
  • The flow manifold bears 
  •  Allen Bolts or a flow meter
  • Return manifold includes thermoelectric actuator valves
  • Special inflow and return nipples with attached thermometers
  • According the lay out we can regulate from Allen or flow meters the water quantity in each circuit
  • Enabling the fitting of thermoelectric actuators which receive commands from the thermostats of each space and enable independent operation of the circuits of each space
  • The success of an underfloor heating installation is based on the smallest possible deference between water supply temperature and water return temperature
  • In order to achieve higher room temperature we increase the circuit water quantity by regulation from Allen or flow meters 

10 Years Guarantee