Pipe ∅10x1,1

Ø10 x 1,1mm pipe, containing a special additive which doubles the pipe's thermal conductivity. 

This new pipe is a result of a three year research of Interplast in corporation with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, by whose report we are mentioning some of the pipe's characteristics and results from their use. 

    •    Increased mechanical strength compared to the typical ones

    •    Increased Elasticity by 10%.

    •    Increased yield stress by 10%

    •    Absolute material homogenization

    •    Decrease of inertia phenomenon during the start of the system

    •    More economic operation due to the double thermal conductivity of the pipes

PE-Xb, Ø 10 x 1,1mm, MD with o (EVOH)
External diameterØ 10,0 mm
Inner diameterØ 7,8 mm
Wall Thickness  1,1 mm
Water content0,048 l/m
Radius of bending5 Χ Ø
Coefficient of linear expansion1,9x10
Maximum operating temperature95° C
Maximum temperature for short operating time110° C
Maximum operating pressure10 Bar
Roughness factor (Prandtl - Colebrook method)ε = 0,007 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficientλ = 0,862 W/m K
Thermal resistanceR = 0,0013 m²K/W