The fiber-plasterboard offers optimal results of sound insulation for air carried sounds. As far it concerns the thermal insulation and the knocked generated sounds it should be used expanded or extruded polystyrene of high hardness with thickness of at least 2cm and special insulating roll of foam polyethylene 0,5cm high with coefficient of λ=0,045 W/mK and sound absorbtion 19 dB. 

New Buildings

There are many proposed solutions for high hardness insulation (expanded polystyrene EPS200 or extruded polystyrene XPS200) Our proposal is a graphite expanded polystyrene EPS200, 2cm thick, λ=0,030 W/mk.
The total height in new constructions in the case tiles will be used is 4,7cm (2cm of insulation, 1,5cm fiber-pasterboard, 0,6cm glue and ,6cm tile) or 5,2cm in case we use the special sound insulation roll from polyethylene. 

Older buildings

Special sound insulation roll from polyethylene, 0,5cm high coefficient λ=0,045 W/mK and sound absorption 19dB. In older constructions either for thermal insulation or for sound insulation the already existing concrete layer drives us not to consider the insulation rules we predict in the new buildings. The final height in the older buildings in case tile is used is 3,2cm (2cm of insulation, 1,5cm fiber-pasterboard, 0,6cm glue and 6cm tile).