Fiber Board

The installation of the gypsum fiberboard requires a flat and clean surface without intense height differences. 

The features of this new product are different than the typical gypsum boards or the concrete boards. This new product is hydrophobic, with high density and high thermal conductivity. By using typical wood tools, cutting and shaping the gypsum fiberboards is easy. 

Interplast provide four types of gypsum fiberboards. A 15mm thickness board with knots, a 15mm thickness board with notches, a 15mm thickness board without notches and a 9mm thickness board without notches.


Fiber Board is according to EN 10456, ETA [European Technical Approval - 07/0086 issued by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)]

Nominal density1200 kg/m³ ± 50
Maximum permissible load1.0 KN
Maximum permissible distributed2.0 KN
Coefficient of thermal conductivityλ ≤ 0,30 W/mK
δ00 D.M.26/06/84
Increase in thickness after 24h contact with water% < 2
Special heat capacityC ≥ 1’000 J/(kgK)
Thermal plate expansionα = 12,9*10