Regulating tubular (bar) manifolds

Manifolds are manufactured of brass profiles compliant to European standard EN 12167 and DIN 50930/6 on the suitability of brass fittings for drinking water installations. The product has low hardness so that it may be more resilient to mechanical stressing. The angle of the mechanisms compared to the vertical axis of the manifold is 180° and as a result supplies are increased and flows improved.
The manifold is used in heating installations and hot and cold-water plumbing installations.
They are manufactured in sizes 3/4’’, 1" and 1¼" with 2 to 12 ports with 24x19 or 3/4" threading.

  • Large supplies
  • Battery type mechanism. As the wheel turns only the valve moves, without the axis moving up and down, and at the same time salt build up is prevented. This prevents wear and tear of the o-ring of the axis.
  • The axis is made watertight by three O-rings and a packing gland.
  • The base of the manifolds is made watertight by EPDM 0-rings together with a metal-to-metal watertight connection.
  • Large distances between the manifold’s supply centers (50mm).
  • Prevents pressure surge upon closing the water connection.
  • Regulation of the circuits.
  • Isolation of circuits in the event of damage.
  • Risk of leakage from the connections between common 2, 3 and 4 port manifolds is eliminated.
  • Red and blue markings and circuit identification markings (living room, bedroom etc.) to assist the homeowner.
  • Possibility of replacing all individual components of the manifold.
  • Due to special threading in the mechanism the supply requires only a few turns (4 turns) to be turned on/off.