Increased resistance and protection with the guarantee of an Atlas!

Monday 19/1/2009 was the date that the polypropylene (PP) sewerage pipes and fittings for buildings were launched onto the market under the trade name ATLAS-PLUS, which completed the 100mmrange. The 100mm range was deemed necessary in order to allow the installation of polypropylene pipes throughout the entire building. Interplast, despite the increased cost of the investment, manufactured 25 moulds for the production of the polypropylene 100mm fittings, believing that polypropylene is the most suitable material for building sewerage installations. This is confirmed of course by its universal use in Northern European countries, and by the fact that non profit organizations such as Greenpeace recommend it as a material. The new range of sewerage pipes by Interplast is characterized by the reinforced protection of an… Atlas. These are the ATLAS-PLUS polypropylene sewerage pipes and fittings, which offer the guarantee of quality and safer operation through the addition of the elastic ring. This elastic ring on the ATLAS-PLUS pipes and fittings is the ideal tool for professionals and a safety "shield” for consumers. Interplast believes that its new introduction into the market will meet with a positive reception by all its associates throughout Greece.