1st Innovative Product Award - Aqua Plus Prins


On Monday 11th of December Interplast company was honored with a very important distinction. At a brilliant ceremony organized by the Greek marketing academic, at the Athens Concert Hall ,the Pre-Insulated PPR system, Aqua Plus Prins, was awarded, occupying the first position, in the Made in Greece competition, as the most innovative product of Greek production for the period 2018-2019.

Τhis distinction is a justification for the efforts of our company, which since its founding, invests perpetually in human scientific potential and ultrasonic equipment for research purposes, which leads to innovation.

The arrival of Aqua Plus Prins two years ago, was the epitome of the pre-insulation of water networks, offering certified uninterrupted energy saving, elimination of linear expansions, which was the biggest problem of plastic piping, marking the beginning of the end to costly insulation maintenance and to the activating network functions. That system, which is suitable for underground networks, visible and invisible air conditioning networks, heating and ZNX, resistant to extreme weather conditions, corrosive chemicals and to fire.

Τhe product was widely accepted from the tourism industry and in the industrial refrigeration applications due to its expanded temperature range(-10ºC to +95 ºC), offering solutions to a number of difficult and demanding applications.

Τhis award does not belong only to us. It also belongs to all those who have chosen our products and supported the efforts of our company all the years of its existence, giving with us the stick of innovation and high quality with respect to man and to the environment.