Heat Pumps

Heat pumps

Interplast in the frames of possibility of exploitation mild forms of energy offers a comprehensive range of heat pumps air - water, equipped with all the provisions necessary to connect them with the under floor heating system and able to comfortably meet the needs of each home.

With breadth of operation of temperature of exterior air, from -20ºC up to +53ºC, the pump of heat is even rendered absolutely reliable for heating and cooling and for extreme meteorological.

The heat pump is a sophisticated device that exploits offered by the environment and energy leverages for heating and cooling of any house.

The heat pumps air - water draw their energy from the outside air and heat the water flowing through the circuits of under floor heating. Similarly, during the summer they produce cold water, utilizing for cooling the house.



The pump’s fan pumps air from the environment and conveys it to the evaporator that captures its heat.

This heat is conveyed to the pump’s cooling medium which is transformed to gas.

After this it is conveyed to the condenser where it rejects all the heating it has stored in the water of the under floor heating circuit.

The cooling medium is conveyed to the discharge valve and it is discharged, so it can be returned to the evaporator and the same procedure is repeated.

The cooling operation follows the reverse procedure.


The main advantages of heat pumps is the increased coefficient of performance (COP up to 4), namely 1KW of consumed energy, produced until 4KW utilitarian energy. This means more economic operation compared to all conventional heating systems.

The operation of the pumps is friendly to the environment, as they use R-410A cooling liquid and have zero emissions.

Furthermore, the operation of the pumps is not affected by external weather conditions throughout the year.

Other significant advantages of the heat pumps are their small size and their noise-free operation.

A heat pump fully replaces classic oil, natural gas and electric boilers. The same unit produces cooling as well, thus eliminating the need of installing air-conditioning units in the space. Each unit has the additional capacity of producing warm water for use in the plumbing system.